About Product Testings

EZZOSHIELD Product Testing

Test Specifications:

  1. Total room size: 60 sq m. Each room with glass windows used for testing was 30 sq m.
  2. Air-conditioning system: 2 sets of 10kW rated VRV systems
  3. Air-conditioning use: 9 hours


Two rooms were used to compare the energy savings and effectiveness of EzzoSHIELD. One remained uncoated for independent verification and the other was coated with EzzoSHIELD’s nano heat insulation liquid film.

Room environment was controlled at 23° C throughout the experiment. Energy savings after 120 days of monitoring demonstrated a difference of 3000kW. Current approx. Electrical cost is S$0.30 per kWh. Estimated energy savings equals approx. S$900 for this period of 120 days.

Ezzoshield Comparative testing – Nano Insulation Coating

Ambient Temperature °C Number of Day (d) Air-Conditioning Rated Power (W) Uncoated Air-conditioning Working Hours Coated Air-conditioning Working Hours Energy Saving
>35 45 10,000 8 Hours 5 Hours 3 hrs x 10000W x 45 days = 1350 kW
33-35 30 10,000 7 Hours 4.5 Hours 2.5 hrs x 10000W x 30 days = 750 kW
< 33 45 10,000 6 Hours 4 Hours 2 hrs x 10000W x 45 days = 900 kW
Total Days 120       3000KW